Here are what people have to say about the Baby Signs Program...

"I had been reading up on infant sign language but never really got around to practicing it actively until I took the Baby Signs® Program. When I finally started signing with my little girl (she had just turned 1 then), she took to it very quickly and within a week, she was signing "BIRD" and "SLEEP". It was amazing! She is now 15 months old and able to say a few words but signing continues to be a wonderful tool in communicating with her. When and if we have a second baby, I plan to start as early as possible!"

- Bailey's mom (Hong Kong)

“The Baby Signs® Program really helps my little one to communicate with me. What's more, the learning process is fun and interesting. I was so happy when my baby signed back for the first time. We taught him the signs bilingually, in both English and Chinese, and it was amazing to see him understand both languages and even to hear him eventually say a couple of English words. He's now expressing with signs, plus saying English and Chinese words . I’ll definitely recommend this wonderful program to other parents.”

- Dong Dong’s mom - Xintiandi, Shanghai


“It really is amazing to see what is of interest to our children. My son signed his first sign at 7 months. It was the sign for tree. He continued to quickly learn every sign I showed him that had anything to do with nature. Now at 7 years old, he still loves nature and science. As a mother, I loved teaching him the signs that made my life easier, but looking back I think one of the greatest gifts was the insight I gained about him and his likes/dislikes. Knowing what he liked so early in his life was a true blessing!”

- B. Broughton, Virginia (USA)


“I was woken up by my grandson’s crying one night and I went to give him a pacifier to calm him down, but he didn't want it and showed me the sign for MILK. I was really surprised because he just learned that sign the day before. We are so happy to see the quick and wonderful result from Cheng Cheng and we also enjoy teaching him the signs a lot. I had already recommended two other families to enroll in the program and I’ll surely continue recommending this great program to other parents.”

- Cheng Cheng’s grandma - Ningbo. China

"Congratulations and welcome to infant signing! Our daughter is almost two and we continue to be amazed at how invaluable baby signs have been to our family. We didn't know about the program until our daughter was about 4 months old. We started with DOG and FAN since she was fascinated by both. She first signed DOG back to us at 8 months. Then she added FAN and LIGHT in a month or two. It wasn't until about 12 1/2 months that she really took off. She was signing for everything she knew and "asking" me the signs for any new object - we could hardly keep up. Just try not to get frustrated in the beginning, it takes time, but it is so worth it."

- R.Ward, Florida (USA)

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