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Baby Signs in Action
- A video of signing babies

Baby Gestures Could Help Speaking
- On ABC News (Good Morning America) -Feb 18, 2009

媽B台 > 真係小兒科 > 解通B話 > BB手語tell me why
- On VDO Next / V 壹網-Sep, 2009



- Take Me Home (Mar 12, 2010)

- Hong Kong Daily News (Apr 17, 2009)

- MetroNews (Jan 06, 2009)

Baby Sign Language Enters Mainstream
- Stacy Downs, The Seattle Times (Aug 29, 2007)

Baby Sign Language: A Growing Movement
- Wendy Solomon, The Morning Call (Apr 25, 2006)

Hey Baby, What's Your Sign?
- Catherine Donaldson-Evans, Fox News (Sep 28, 2005)

Hand signals help babies on their way to speaking
- Johanna Maranto (Sep 20, 2005)

Handy tool for tots
- Eleska Aubespin. Florida Today (Sep 20, 2005)


Baby Signs® Potty Training Promo
- Potty train your baby before age 2 with the Baby Signs Potty Training Program. Get on board the Potty Train!

Cute Australian Baby Dines Without Fuss
- Cute Aussie 12-month old toddler Sam proves babies can dine out without tantrums. Babies can really "talk" before they can talk!




Dr. Jim's response when asked about Baby Sign Language
- (2005)

Signing with your baby or toddler: How to communicate before your child can talk

5 Reasons to Sign with Baby
– Ellen L. Wells, Natural Family Online

Sign with Your Baby

Babies taught sign language often ahead of their peers later on
- Deborah White (Aug 9, 1999)

Can baby sign language delay speech?
- Victoria Clayton, MSNBC (June 6, 2005)

Baby Sign Language May Boost IQ
- ABC News (Feb 22, 2005)


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