Discover for yourself how Baby Signs® can make your time with your baby even more fun and more rewarding.  Moms and dads who have used the Baby Signs® Program will tell you that there are many benefits to using infant sign language with their babies.

The Baby Signs® Program can:

  • Strengthen the parent-infant bond
  • Boost babies’ self-esteem and confidence
  • Allow babies to share their worlds with you
  • Reveal how smart your baby really is
  • Promote positive emotional development
  • Help make learning to talk easier
  • Stimulate intellectual development
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Long before your baby can talk, your baby is already capable of communicating with you through simple signs and gestures. Wouldn't it be great if your baby can “tell” you what he wants before he is able to actually say the words for DRINK, EAT, MORE or DIAPER change?

The Baby Signs® Program, developed by “Dr. Moms” Linda Acredolo and Susan Goodwyn (authors of the book BABY SIGNS: How To Talk with Your Baby Before Your Baby Can Talk), features American Sign Language (ASL) and developmentally appropriate gestures that hearing babies can learn and use to communicate before they can talk.

Learn more about the Baby Signs® Program (watch video):

Frequently asked questions
Highlights from the long-term research study that Dr. Acredolo and Dr. Goodwyn conducted confirming the benefits of using infant sign language
Benefits for cognitive development, language development and social-emotional development

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